Utah Concealed Weapons Permit (Utah CCW)

Trolley Square Rampage

At 6:44 PM on Monday February 12, 2007, a lone emotionless gunman opened fire with a shotgun, in the Trolley Square Mall, randomly killing five innocent bystanders, and wounding four others, before being shot & killed himself by a 4-member SLCPD SWAT team, and an off-duty Ogden Police Officer.

Those killed, were ages: 53, 29, 29, 24, and 15, and the wounded, were ages: 53, 43, 34, and 16. The shooter, Sulejman Talovic, was age 18, a Bosnian refugee, and was from a family who his father reportedly stated were 'Muslims, but not terrorists'.

The off-duty officer, Ken Hammond was having dinner with his pregnant wife in an upstairs restaurant (Rodizio Grill), and heard the gunshots on the lower level. His wife, a 911 dispatcher herself, borrowed a waiters cell phone and called 911. Officer Hammond engaged the shooter with 3 rounds in his Kimber .45, distracting him,until SWAT arrived and dispatched the threat. He was later honored by SLCPD as a hero for saving countless lives. Click here to listen to a montage of 911 and police radio audio recordings.

A parent of a slain victim has sued Sportsmans Fast Cash pawnshop for selling a weapon equipped with a pistol grip, which they claim made it not a shotgun, and illegal to sell to anyone under 21 years of age. A Judge has ruled the case will be tried by a jury sometime in 2012. Also, federal prosecutors charged the gun dealer working for the pawnshop with a felony unlawful transfer of a firearm to a person under 21. The dealer agreed to a plea bargain and pled guilty to a reduced misdemeanor paperwork violation, and was sentenced to 1 year probation and a $500 fine.

In addition, 3 other men, were charged with selling a .38 handgun, to a juvenile, and 2 have been sentenced to 1 year probation. The 3rd man, Mackenzie Hunter, age 20, pled guilty to a felony count of possessing a firearm by a drug user, and the misdemeanor count of selling a firearm to a juvenile. The handgun came from a guy in Rock Springs who stole it from his father and traded it for a bag of cocaine. Hunter was sentenced to 15-months in federal prison, with 36-months probation thereafter, and has since been released.

This event was a defining event in my life as well. That very night, my teenage daughter was acting as a nanny for a family who lived in the vicinity of this mall. She had their baby in a stroller and was taking a walk over to the mall. When she got within a couple of blocks of Trolley Square, she decided, for some reason, to return back home.

Since that event, I have taken my concealed carry much more seriously... Officer Hammond confirmed the absolute need to carry an extra magazine as well. What a difference it may have made if well-trained Utah Concealed Carry Permit holders would have been able to defend themselves and others on the lower level of the mall that fateful night. Who knows how many lives may have been spared. Please click on this link if you are interested in more information on obtaining a Utah Concealed Weapons Permit. This is your best first step in beginning to take responsibility for your own safety, and that of your family.

Mike Munnerlyn, Instructor

I am currently retired from teaching. My son-in-law Rob Wilkinson, who used to teach with me, is now teaching on his own. Please call him at 801-671-6773.

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