Utah Concealed Weapons Permit (Utah CCW)

Student Reviews of Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Course:

419. by Georgios A. - Mike did a great job teaching this class. I feel the same way other reviewers feel and I wish, I could just copy and paste their reviews into mine, LOL. Everything there is to say, has been said already. He is a great teacher and I had fun attending his class. Not only that, I also learned a lot about how to handle a gun in general. Mike is not just standing there rambling down the material, he takes a lot of pride in what he does and he takes it personal, that you and the people surrounding you are safe!!! Thanks again Mike!

418.  by Rick Sutter - Going into the class I was a wee bit apprehensive as to what to expect. Mike delivered; with his knowledge and expertise of the ins and outs of having a concealed weapon and more. With the information given, I personally feel better prepared to venture into the responsibility of carrying a concealed weapon. . . Mike, thanks again for you time and expertise!

417. by Richard Dymock - I was expecting a rehearsal of the things I already knew about guns. I was inspired by Mike Munnerlyn to learn more and increase my knowledge and understanding of firearms. I have hunted and shot pistols, rifles, and shotguns all my life thinking I had a pretty good handle on safety, knowledge of weapons, and law. Wow, was I in for a surprise, I learned more in 4 hrs under Mike's instruction than all the prior 55 years I have been shooting. His instruction was very informative and yet he delivered the information in a pleasing, fun way. He made it exciting and enjoyable. I would highly recommend this class to everyone. He is not the cheapest but is the best!

416.  by Rob A. - Mike shared personal anecdotes and had the students answer many thought-provoking questions--the class was engaging and memorable.  He seemed like an especially warm and sincere person.  

I found the responses of the other students to be just as fascinating as the class material itself, and they demonstrated how polite and articulate people in the self-defense culture tend to be.  If you have an interest in self-defense, you'll feel right at home with the variety of folks that show up to Mike's class.

As an out-of-stater, I found Mike to be welcoming and accommodating.  The class focuses on Utah laws, naturally, yet so many folks living outside of Utah desire this permit that Mike's set up to handle them.

415.  by Howard. M. - I attended this class and found it be very informative.  Mike, instructor, is very passionate about the subject and material.  If you are considering taking this class I would recommend that you spend a  considerable amount of time investigating the website and studying the various links and publications to be a bit more ready to attend the four hour class.  There is a lot of information presented, well presented I might add, but it can be a little bit of information overload.  Thank you Mike for the instruction and again I would recommend this class for those of you considering this opportunity.

414.  by Dan Gamboa - I called up Mike about an hour before one of his classes started and he was very accommodating about squeezing me in at the last minute. His class was very informative and entertaining and I learned quite a bit about Utah Concealed carry laws and other important aspects to gun ownership. I highly recommend going with Mike if you're looking to get your CWP training.

413. by Jordan Petersen - This class is the one to take if you want your CCP. Mike did a fantastic job of teaching the class not just to cover the material required by law, but also to teach what he felt is important for everybody to know. He fit a lot of material into a four hour period and I came out of the class being much more confident in my moral views towards concealed carry. You can tell that Mike isn't just doing this for the money, he genuinely wants his students to be safe carrying a concealed weapon and to learn as much as possible to make the right decision in any situation.

412. by Amy R. - I wanted to take a concealed class but wasn't looking forward to how long the class was. At Mike's class, time flew! It was super informative, entertaining and thought provoking. Additionally, with Mike's years of experiance and knowledge, he had much wisdom to pass onto us. I'd reccommend this to anyone, particularly to females with little to no experiance with firearms. I felt comfortable to ask questions and left with loads of information and knowledge.

411. by Karen A. - Excellent class. Mike is very knowlegable and passionate about the subject. The class was very informative with a touch of humor. Laws were up to the minute and explained in detail, no way anyone could fail to understand the duties/requirements. I enjoyed the class greatly. After the class, I went home and shared some of the things I learned with my husband. I actually taught him a few things. Thanks Mike!

410. by Linda T. - Great informative class.  Mike made it very interesting with a lot of fun thrown in.  I recommend his class to anyone who wants a conceal carry or just wants to know more about Utah gun laws.

409. by Heidi Knutson - Mike's class was AWESOME!! He is an excellent teacher, very engaging and clearly knows his stuff. I was nervous to sit in a class for 4 hours but it honestly went by fast. His class set up, teaching style, snacks, water bottle, etc. kept my undivided attention. I also think he is hilarious! But he also knew when to keep things serious. I will, and have, recommend(ed) this class to everyone! :)

408. by Monica Stapley - Mike, I really enjoyed your class last night and was so glad I decided to take it. When I signed up for it, most people were like "all those classes are a waste of time, you won't really learn anything new if you grew up around guns." Well, that is completely FALSE. I learned a TON of new information, some of the things I thought I knew were completely turned around, you pleasantly surprised me with your personal passion and level of expertise about the topic, you made it fun and got everyone involved and participating. Even though the class is 4 hours, there wasn't any wasted time, and I'm definitely going to spend some more time now reading the articles on your website. Maybe I'll even take another one of your courses. So- if anyone is wondering "who" to take this kind of class from, they will definitely get my recommendation to take the class from you. My boyfriend took a similar class a few months ago. I called him after your class was over and told him about one of the most important safety lessons I learned in your class (about the possibility of revolvers not just mis-firing but then firing late up to 30 seconds later), and he had never learned about that anywhere. He had also seen that vegas attack video in his class and we compared discussion notes, and I felt like your take on what to do in that situation was such better advice than his teacher gave. I think part of the reason I enjoyed your class so much was that I shared your personal take on so many levels. You simplified the confusing topics for everyone and made sure everyone was "getting it". So, thank you for an AWESOME class last night.

407. by Benjamin Hamilton - Mike taught an excellent class and added to the important gun knowledge I already have. His passion for the subject made me want to be a safer gun owner and more responsible citizen when it comes to gun rights. I have children in my home and will teach them important lessons I learned in class until they turn 21 and then I will send them to Mike to take his class. No matter how much gun experience you have, Mike's class will be great for you!

406. by Vince Oveson - Mike's class was simply excellent. 4 hours is a long time to sit in a classroom, but I was honestly surprised when the class ended -- I couldn't believe 4 hours had gone by so quickly! That's because the class was packed with great info and Mike was a very engaging instructor. He definitely knows what he is about. I would recommend this class to anyone and everyone. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

405. by Alan Lana - This is a great class, for the most novice to an expert shooter. Mike makes the process as user friendly as possible and really goes the extra step. He continues to update you after the class as the laws change. Take the four hours to protect yourself and your family from violent criminals.

404. by Jeff Horton - I have little experience with guns but took Mike's class to get my UCCP to have the option to carry. Mike was great. His class was entertaining, informative, and well presented. I felt like I was getting a great deal paying what I did. Two thumbs up from me.

403. by Cheryl C. - Fun, smart, patient teacher.  You can tell he really cares about what he does. Makes everyone feel like they can become competent too.

402. by Brandon Woods - Mike's class is, in my opinion, EXACTLY how it should be done. Mike's focus on Safety, and the Laws is perfect. I don't think there was one person in the class that was unhappy with how it was taught, or what they learned. Which includes a very diverse range of experience with guns. From the people with years of experience, to the people who have never shot a gun, everyone walked away with a firm understanding of gun safety, and the gun laws in the US & Utah. A strong emphasis on the follow-up research, training, and practice that we as adults understand must be done, was also placed well throughout the class presentation. Both the Gun Safety, and the Concealed Firearms Permit classes were well put together; with PowerPoint Slides, Videos, and in-class demonstrations. The class flowed so smoothly, you hardly noticed you were there for 4 hours. Mike never had a dull moment in class, all eyes were on him, and it was an extremely positive learning environment. I would definitely recommend this class to friends or family looking to understand guns & their safety (the first 2h class). And of course, a must for anyone looking to get their Utah CFP. I would even go again if someone didn't want to go alone!

401. by  Melanie Vest - You would think that sitting for four hours would not be so much fun. Mike made this class, not only informative but fun and entertaining. I am excited to get my permit and study to be ready if I ever need to use a weapon. I could tell how seriously Mike takes his responsibility in teaching others as well as being a responsible weapon carrier. Thank you for getting me started!!

400. by Wade Millward - Mike did a great job, made the 4 hours go by fast. It was enjoyable, enlightening, educational & entertaining. He made it light but was serious about gun safety and gun laws. I learned a ton about how to handle various firearms, gun safety and gun laws in Utah. Highly recommend going to his class.

399. by Sean Mayhew - Mike provides a terrific CFP/CCW class. He breaks the information into easy to understand segments and encourages class participation. He is passionate for gun rights and gun safety. I have been around guns for many years and Mike's class showed me things that I should be doing to be even safer with my guns. I HIGHLY recommend anyone interested in gun ownership to take Mike's class.

398. by Robert Goodick - The class was fantastic! Mike did a wonderful job covering all relevant course material and shared a lot of personal insight. Our class ranged from very inexperienced to highly experienced, it was nice to get a broad perspective. Mike is definitely passionate and a great teacher. I would highly recommend this class.

397.  by Christen Bezowski - I have no experience with guns at all. I don't know if I had even held one until Mike used me for a demonstration during class. But regardless of whether or not a person owns a gun, I think EVERYONE should take this class. The information was invaluable. I know I am in homes that have guns, I am around people that have guns. I had no right to be ignorant about guns and gun safety. Mike taught me more in 2 hours than I ever knew and I feel more prepared to be around guns now.

396. by Lorraine L. - I recommend this class to all that are willing to take responsibility for their own safety and the safety of those they love.  The course is packed with information and Mike manages to keep people focused and on task.   I especially like that he emphasizes personal responsibility and encourages his students to think about their personal limits as part of the training.   In addition, he is clearly concerned with the safety and rights of not only Utah residents but the rest of the United States.   Since the class I have been out practicing and look forward to joining a shooting range soon.  Thanks, Mike!

395. by Dustin F. - Mike at Utah Concealed Carry Permit did a great job. his class was informative and a joy to attend.

394. by Cyndi J. - Wonderful class on CCP. The 4 hours goes by so quickly. I was very impressed with the knowledge and command of the subject that Mike has. I now feel I have a better understanding on the concept of carrying a concealed weapon. Thanks again for sharing your talents with the rest of us in this area.

393. by Ron Sucik - Great course, well taught and really emphecizes safe carrying.

392. by Bailey Binning - LOVED this class! Mike made the class fun and interesting, but made sure we were taught everything we needed to know. HIGHLY recommended.

391. by Jessica Davis - Mike's Gun Safety and Concealed permit class was awesome! Mike did a great job with interacting with the class and making sure we understood everything. Thanks Mike, I would even take it again!!

390. by Dusty A. - Mike was a great instructor and made the class very interesting and fun.  I would recommend his class to anyone from beginner to experienced.

389. - by Joshua Bloxham - I would, without a doubt, recommend Mike's concealed carry class to anyone. He is extremely knowledgeable, informative in every part of the application process, laws, and gun safety. He is passionate about his desire to help curb violent crime and he passes this same desire on to you. Whether you're interested in becoming a concealed carry permit holder or just owning a gun without carrying, this is the class for you! Take it. You won't be sorry you did.

388. by David Duntz - Two hundred and fifty-five reviews can't be wrong, right? Class was an excellent balance of learning, entertaining and providing some unexpected "deep thought" about what the CCW program is all about. Mike is a natural-born teacher, and if you have ANY complaints about his program, I'm sure he would want to know.

387. by Hal Morgan - Whether you want to get a concealed permit or not, this class gives an important perspective on why many believe that the right to carry a weapon must be preserved. It debunks the notion that CFP holders are nut jobs. It teaches the RULES on safe pistol handling, only making the world safer, one class at at a time.

386. by James Whitworth - Very thorough teaching of Utah gun laws. These 4 hours go by quickly. Informative and entertaining. Friendly and relaxed. Will and have highly recommended this class.

385.  by Rob F. - I am a retired Army Staff Sergeant, and range NCO.  I was reponsible for the saftey and welfare on an M16, .45 Caliber, and 9mm range.  I thought I was going to be bored with this class, but Mike taught me a lot in this class about the law and how to protect myself legally.  I really enjoyed this class and would recommend it to anyone who is not exerienced with firearms and also those who are experts in fire arms.  Understanding the State Laws and how to protect yourself both physically and legally is every Americans responsiblility.

384.  by Daisy Rodriguez - i attended Mike's course and leaned so much about gun control, gun safety, and the awesome protection that guns can have when you have the proper education and permits to own and carry a gun! so many things are happening now a days and one needs to have a piece of mind knowing that they will live to see the light of tomorrow...having a concealed carry permit can allow this and so much more...like the protection of yourself and your loved ones! bless it be for all those in the connecticut massacre and all the other mass murders that occurred this year...may god be with them and their families, especially during the holiday season...thank you for all the information about basic gun safety and Utah laws, Mike. the class was fun and very worth while:)

383.  by Tyler Burdick - As a retired Navy Corpsman and USMC Infantry "medic" I was dreading sitting through a four hour presentation about weaponry...however, Mike kept the class interesting, informative and profesional. The time flew by and I even learned a thing or two. I highly recommend this service.

382. by J. Loomis - Extremely professional, well-taught class. Mike has years of experience and conveys the information in a way that is relevant and interesting whether you are an experienced shooter or a beginner. Worth every cent.

381. by Jared Worthington - Mike is extremely knowledgeable, offers a great class and provides opportunity for the class to interact and think about situations that may be encountered. He's an engaging instructor who has taught many classes and is comfortable with handling firearms and teaching gun safety. Class size was great, the content was well taught and appropriate for a beginning handgun class. The class was in his living room using folding chairs that are slightly uncomfortable after 4 hours. Sitting through a class in his living room and using his home restroom was a little uncomfortable but overall a very worthwhile experience. He provides everything necessary for a CCW permit except the fingerprints, which is very helpful. Thanks!

380. by Ryan Deen - I recently made the decision to obtain my concealed carry permit and decided to take this class when a good deal came up on KSL. The class was thorough, informative, and entertaining. Mike is very knowledgeable about Utah's concealed carry laws and provides you a solid foundation to build on. The class is four hours but moves at a quick pace. I can recommend this class to any one looking to obtain a concealed carry permit.

379. by Kenny Kemp - Informal and yet informative, Mike Munnerlyn's two-part Basic Gun Safety / Concealed Firearm Permit class -- just four hours on a Saturday morning -- did something besides yield a CFP: it reminded me of the gravity of what I was undertaking. Carrying a firearm is a serious responsibility and can have deadly consequences. Mike discussed the many situations we as gun carriers might encounter and we discussed them in an easy, friendly, and open manner the right and wrong ways to deal with the threat of violence. I'm not a gun enthusiast, but I do recognize the need for protecting myself and those I love, and Mike's class gave me a solid introduction and lots to think about. Highly recommended.

378. by Ed Hall - Great class and a good price if you buy on KSL. Mike presented the information in a good way, where we could follow along without going to sleep.

377. by Debbie Herbert - Excellent class for anyone, basic enough for a beginner but still managed to keep the interest of those more experienced. Laws were up to the minute and explained in detail, no way anyone could fail to understand the duties/requirements. I enjoyed the class greatly. Best money I have spent in years! Thanks Mike!

376. by Colleen B. - I attended Mike's class expecting to find out about basic gun safety, I came out of his class with more knowledge and different ways of thinking about guns and other types of weapons. Mikes information was common sense helpful.  Not only, do I know more about guns, gun safety and concealed weapons--I WANT TO KNOW MORE. Mike makes the class fun and informative, making you aware that there is more to guns than just owning one.  The information Mike provides really makes you think and become more sensible about concealed weapons. I highly recommend this class to everyone.

375. by Cory P. on Yelp- Extremely informative and really entertaining. Mike makes the class fun to attend and the time flies by. Anyone interested in entry level to expert knowledge should take this coarse. 

on CitySearch - This is the second CWP class that I have taken, I absolutely loved the coarse and all of the information and also the ideas passed around in this class. It was extremely informational and very fun to learn from Mike. I would recommend this class to anyone from beginners to experts.

374. by G.E. - I am a CWP holder and signed my wife up for this class as a birthday gift, as I fear for her life most of the time, given her overly altruistic nature,  petite frame and stunning attractiveness. Mike was nice enough to let me tag along to accompany my wife.  Despite this being more or less a review for me, we both walked away very satisfied with the content and quality of our session.   Mike made it fun and informative and before we knew it, the class was over.  I wasn't sure how my wife would take this course but she raved and raved about it.  Her increased awareness on self-protection, laws and best practices will undoubtedly help her moving forward.  All the kidding aside, I would strongly recommend this course to anyone, especially our defenseless spouses.

373. by Matthew Burg - This was an awesome class, well instructed. Mike is very knowledgeable and able to answer most questions immediately. My wife and I were pleasantly surprised to find the class taught in a relaxing home environment, which included bottled water and light snacks. If your taking a course, this is the place to take it. You "might" find the price slightly less expensive elsewhere. But, you will not find the atmosphere and knowledge that only Mike brings to the table. Mike, two thumbs WAY UP!:)

372.  by Spencer Whipple - This was a great class. I learned a lot, while being entertained and it's an interesting class. Very well put together and thorough. If you're going to take the class and get your certification, this is the place to get it done at. Thanks again Mike.

371. by April W. - Great class! Very interesting and informative! 4 hours went very fast and I feel like I am on the right path to protecting my family.

370. by Doug B. - Fast paced, thorough and comprehensive presentation.  Mike is a high energy and enthusiastic personality who knows his stuff and relates well to the attendees. Well worth the time and money.

369. by Craig C. on Yelp - A great class. Informative and fun at the same time. I was impressed with Mike's presentation style, his command of the subject, and his willingness to openly pose hard questions each of us must answer before we decide to pursue using a hand gun to defend ourselves or others who are important to us. I highly recommend his class to anyone interested in obtaining a concealed carry permit.

by Craig C. on CitySearch - I enjoyed the class very much. Mike is passionate about his subject matter, has a great command of presentation, keeps the class moving along in an informal, informative, and pleasing manner. I was most impressed I guess with the way he helped us understand the positive value of being able to protect oneself by becoming educated, trained, and proficient in the use of hand guns. He also openly gave us important decisions that each individual must resolve for themselves as to their own willingness to use deadly force when it might be necessary. It was a night well worth the time invested. Thanks Mike.

368.  by Alison B. - This was a great class. Taught very well while still making the class fun and entertaining. I would highly recommend taking this class from Mike if you are looking to get your own conceal and carry permit.

367. by XtineNieves - This was a great class, very informative and presented well. Highly recommended for anyone wanting to get their concealed weapons permit and a basic understanding of handgun safety. Thanks Mike!

366. by Warren G. - I found Mike Munnerlyn’s Concealed Carry Course to be excellent. In four fast-moving hours, Mike was able to provide “in-depth” instruction on Utah’s required CCW curriculum. He was able to maintain an appropriate level of seriousness to a very serious topic…he did so, however, with frequent interjections of humor and real-life examples of “the good, the bad, and the ugly” in concealed firearms use. I was very impressed with his ability to teach the new and the veteran gun-owner with the same level of respect. I am CCW-certified in another state that boasts of the thoroughness of its required curriculum, but Mike’s course beats the other “hands-down”. If you seek to become a confident carrier of a concealed weapon, take Mike’s course.

365. by Karen A. - Great class! Feels great to take the first step to getting my concealed permit!

364. by Davis W. - I really enjoy Mike as an instructor.  He allows for a great atmosphere of understanding, but also keeps everyone on topic.  Which is very important in a long information download class like CFP.  The direction of his class and the understanding his students have when they leave the class is clear.  Well done Mike!!

363. by K.C. - The class was enjoyable and the time went quickly.  Much information was relayed in a humorus and effective manner.  Mike organized the material well and had all the materials ready for us to file with the exception of the fingerprinting.  Well done!!

362. by Chelsea T. - Excellent class. Very informing and helpful. I would attend this class yearly just to review the laws and tips. Instructor was both helpful, approachable and non-judgmental. Sign up with him- you will not be disappointed.

361. by Christopher F. - Mike is very passionate in what he teaches. Willing to take the extra step to ensure you have knowledge necessary to carry safely. 4 hours is a long time to sit, but Mike's enthusiam makes the time go by faster. I would highly recommend his class to everyone in search of a CFP. I'm now trying to convince my wife into attending.

360. by Nancy S. - I attended Mike's class last Saturday. He is a great teacher. He is knowledgeable, interesting and he kept the class timely. I would recomend his class highly!!

359. by Steve H. - I attended Mike Munnerlyn’s  class on concealed weapon permits.  I found the class to be very informative and entertaining making the four hour class well worth the time and effort.  I would strongly urge those interested in obtaining a concealed weapon permit to attend Mike’s class.

358 by Diana W. - Great class! Mike is very knowledgable but also keeps the class entertaining and moving fast to keep everyone engaged. Great first step to a CCP. Highly recommend!

357.  By Alan L. - Not for the feint-hearted. Mike's UCCP class is the most intense, revealing and positive 4 hours I've spent in quite some time. No stone is left unturned. I have only owned handguns for a couple of years and I left class feeling more secure, knowledgable, and certain that I needed a 'concealed permit'. You'll be glad you took his class!

356.  By Mark G. - Perfect!  Mike does a wonderful job teaching and communicating with his students.  His class does not promote any agenda or philosophic point of view for one to adopt.  He is passionate about personal and family firearm safety, proper use of firearms, and our 2nd amendment rights.  If you are considering CCW permit , I highly recommend being instructed by Mike.  The setting is not intimidating and actually is quite calming while learning about this very important subject.  Thanks Mike!

355. by Broiok B. - very informative. mike is a great instructor, he gets through the material, answers questions, engages the participants, and is expedient.  i would recommend his class to everyone interested in knowing more about gun safety and obtaining a concealed carry permit.

354. by Mike H. - To start off, I must say that I was not looking forward to sitting in a four-hour concealed firearms permit class. I did want my CFP but guns are not my life, if you know what I mean. However, I was completely blown away at how much I enjoyed it. Mike is very passionate about what he does and it shows through his instruction. His class covers an amazing amount of useful information and, I can’t believe that I am saying this, I didn’t want it to end. It was that enjoyable. I wish movies could be this good!

353. by Shawni O -  Mike's UCCP class was amazing.  Mike is an excellent instructor.  He kept the class continually learning and engaged.  He made sure that we understood the many important aspects and facets of each important part of Utah Gun Law, Gun Safety, and Gun use.  I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly 4 hours rolled by.  Mike interspersed a variety of teaching medium techniques to keep the instruction changing.  I have heard of other UCCP instructorw whose classes are a complete waste of time.  Mike's class was VERY valuable.  I would HIGHLY recommend his knowledge and instruction to anyone!

352. by Bernard Manson - The class format is dress right dress, small with family setting that pushes everyone to get involved! Each section is broken down so that no one is left behind! Completely informative class which takes out the intimidation factor. Once the class is complete, it feels like you've been their before!

351. by Letisha Petot - I didn't know what to expect when I attended his class. I left the class more knowledgable, more confident, and with the desire to keep learning more about the Utah laws re. concealed weapons. He provided a lot of valuable information.  His class was very organized to be able to cover all the material he needed to cover,  and yet the class atmosphere was friendly, with some sense of humor, but serious enough when needed.  He provided lecture, video, class participation, passport picture, and the paperwork needed to obtain the permit.  He was very thorough in his teaching.  I would definitely recommend his concealed weapons permit class.
350. by Bryson Partridge - Mike's CCW class is one of the best classes I have taken to this day. Mike keeps the information fun while also serious making you retain as much as possible. Highly recommend his class even if you don't plan to carry all the time.
349. by Ryan Miller -  Mike is a great teacher for the UCCP class. There are many different ways you can get a UCCP, but i would highly recommend going through Mike. He is incredibly informative and very enthusiastic about the subject.
348. by Cameron Pierce - Great class! very informative, and fun. Mike was a nice guy with a good sense of humor, which made the class a pleasure to attend.

347. by Dahl Salmon - This was a great class and instructor. Mike is very knowledgeable and entertaining. Although Concealed weapons classes are long, the time went by fast, and I felt I learned a great deal. The class is thourough and I would recommend it to anyone. We had a good time with lots of participation and we even got candy! If you are thinking about getting a permit, take the class with Mike.
346. by Richard Barnes - The course was very informative and to the point. The subject matter was well outlined and Mike kept to the outline. I had taken the course several years ago with a different instructor. He wandered all over the place, Mike was always on point. I feel I received a great product for the money. I have recommened this course to several of my friends.
345. by Judy W. - I really enjoyed your class. As an operating room nurse educator/manager for many years I recognize good instructors and you definitely have the gift to teach effectively. Your well honed experience and keen ability to use your knowledge base of the required content made my time spent in this class into an attention holding, fun, learning experience. Thank you so much.
344. by Nina Dayton - I was pleasantly surprised by the experience we had attending CCW class with Mike. The material presented was professionally presented in a comfortable casual environment.
343. by Deanna Kulbeth - The class was everything I hoped for and more! I wanted a class that was oriented around the serious matters of gun safety and the understanding of laws--or at least a directive toward where to go to obtain all the needed information for a successful future with a permit. It pleased me to find that every reality was addressed and we analyzed carefully some situations that were critical to our understanding of our responsibility. I was also astounded by the method of teaching--concise and straightforward, interactive, and appropriately fun with good humor and wisdom!
342. by John Forsyth - Mike makes everyone feel welcome and comfortable with what could be a very stressful class. Anyone that is looking to get their concealed firearms permit should take the class from Mike!
341. by Ron Reed - Mike is a great instructor for the Utah Concealed Firearms Course. He made very good use of the 4 hours and the time went fast. He has a great deal of respect and confidence as it relates to gun safety and being a responsible "carrying" citizen. This could be a very dull class given it's 4 hours long, but Mike does a great job presenting and I would recommend him as highly qualified. Thanks Mike.
340. by David Phillips - My wife Kay and I thoroughly enjoyed Mike's class. This was an excellent class taught by an instructor who not only knew his business, but knew how to keep us interested and involved. (We had never met Mike before taking this class.) There were 22 of us who met at his house; broken down pretty evenly between men and women. He's just that good. We learned a lot more than we imagined we would, and we are proud to have attended a top-notch conceal-carry permit class as we've had a lot of friends tell us about the ones they attended. Mike's registration charges for the class were extremely competitive and we left there with nothing left to do except get our fingerprints taken. He covered everything else from the photo, application, and even furnished the addressed envelope in which to submit our application. We couldn't be more happy with the experience we had. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Mike Munnerlyn's class to anyone, and would take other classes from him.
339. by Carley Skroski-Bodily -  The class was entertaining and yet very informative. I feel that I have a much better understanding of the laws and responsibilities that accompany having a concealed fire arms permit. I would definitely recommend this class!
338. by Travis Cox - Mike's class was very informative and a lot of fun. I thoroughly enjoyed taking the course with Mike as the instructor. He made the class really fun, even though we were there for four and a half hours, he had a lot of enthusiasm the entire class and his teaching style definitely helps you remember the laws. I would refer everyone to his page and class
337. by Ryan Lopez - Quality and content of training is excellent. Mike really makes the class enjoyable and keeps you intrigued. Mike is passionate about his training and I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking their CCW or simply desires to expand their knowledge on gun safety.
336. by Dean Larsen -  This class was awesome. Mike is a great teacher, and you can sense that he really believes what he teaches. Entertaining and educational to say the least. Thanks Mike.
335. by Rick Locke - Loved the class. This is the second concealed carry class that I have taken and by far the best. Very informative and entertaining at the same time. Mike has a way of getting the class involved and keeping you focused. As I said, second class I have taken and as a concealed carry permit holder I still learned new things. Great class. Great instructor.
334. by Aaron McCoy - Well done. I felt informed in all the major areas that I wished to be informed by the class.
333. by Matson Tanner - Had a great time in class. Mike does a great job making sure you enjoy class. Very thorough, but 4 hours didn't seem like 4 hours. Well done.
332. by Andrew Maughan - Awesome! Very entertaining and very informative. Mike is a great instructor!
331. by Nathanael Dardon - Incredible instructor!! I've taken gun courses with the military, but this course was left memorable all because of his passion in providing superb instruction.
330. by Di Davie - My boyfriend and I went to the Utah CCW permit class instructed by Mike. Not only was it informative and fun, it really made me think about some things I have never even thought to think of if that makes sense. I have military experience but even that training and experience never made me think of the scenarios that were proposed in the class. I am really glad I attended the class. I think everyone should attend this class just for the exposure of the potentials out there. Also, I'm glad Mike cleared up some myths that many thought were laws. I appreciate how laid back it was and how he encouraged everyone to participate. My class was a mix or older people and younger people. Men and women. He also took the extra step to provide bottled water and snacks. It was a fun evening that I believe everyone enjoyed. Definitely attend this class.
329. by Chris Cowan - Had a great time, learned alot about the Utah laws and somehow Mike made it fun. We will be following up with some handling class as well. Thanks again Mike.
328. by Larry Walters - It just doesn't get much better then this. If you have any interest at all in getting it right . . . go with Mike.
327. by Jolin Crespo - Attending a Utah concealed carry permit class from Mike was very worth it! Mike has a great attitude and has your full attention through out the entire class. It was fun and I am eager to learn more!
326. by Bob McCracken - Great class - went by quick and Mike's passion for firearms, firearm safety, and self defense makes him an exceptional teacher. The class was not only informational but went by quick as well, and was quite entertaining. Thanks Mike!
325. by Matt Strum -  Great class! Very informative instructor~
324. by Charles Webb - Mike's class was informative and entertaining. His humor and knowledge of the subject make for a great experience. I brought my wife who has zero knowledge about the subject and she came away feeling that she truly had learned a lot from Mike. I have recommended his class to several others and will continue to do so. Be prepared for a really unique experience while gaining an awareness of the importance of CCW in society.
323. by Katrina Karakas - Great class!! Mike is an excellent instructor. I learned a lot and had fun!
322. - by Stephen Murphy - I took this class because it was priced right and I hoped that it would teach me what I needed to know in order to safely carry a concealed weapon. The truth is that I did not get from this class what I expected. After taking this class I am not prepared to carry a handgun. What I am, is prepared to properly learn how to carry a handgun. The number one thing that I learned from this class is the proper respect that a handgun requires. Learning to safely carry a gun will take time and practice, lots of it. If you want to carry a concealed weapon, I cannot recommend this class highly enough.
321. - by Lorin Welker - The four hours were excellant. Mix of various teaching techniques. The class went beyond just getting a CCP. It discussed the why and the where and then when in a very personal manner that related to all. I spent 28 years in the Army and the section on weapons handling was very good. I have encouraged my wife to attend, even though she does not handle weapons.
320. - by Josh Lillywhite -  This concealed weapons class was some of the fastest four hours in my life. Mike is very funny, and very informative about the responsibilities we have carrying a weapon. Not only does he answer questions in class, but he encourages is to call his cell phone if we ever have any questions regarding laws, or what type of gun to purchase. The environment is not so much a teacher to student environment, but a friendly discussion environment. A+++ Course.
319. - by Glen Lee - Although I had had a concealed carry permit in another state several years ago and had attended the requisite course, I was pleasantly surprised with Mike's class. It was informative, engaging, at times amusing but always tremendously informative. I feel that Mike covered all of the important points and encouraged the class members to THINK, not just listen to the information. I would recommend this class to anyone who wants a CCW.
318. - by Brock Allen - Mike did an awesome job of making a four hour class not only informative but also entertaining. The class was thorough, fun and went by quickly. He even had water and candy for everyone! You can tell he enjoys firearms and passing his knowledge down.
317. - by Victor Galayda - Mike is the wonderful instructor. Not many people in the class. Every question answered. All information was represented fun and easy way. When my wife will decide to get CFP, Mike will be the guy.
316. - by Preston Andrew - Mike did a great job, included funny and relevant videos during the class. If it was possible to say that 4 hours just flew by this was a close as it gets. I highly recommend anyone who is on the fence to sign up and get it done!
315. - by Ethan Smith - I thought that the 4 hours would go by slowly but wow was i wrong. Mike was a great teacher and really opened my eyes to the responsabilites into having a conceled weapons permit.  It is more than a saftey class.  It goes by ethics and teaches some of the laws of our state. I really enjoyed it and consider going again just for fun.
314. - by Jim Clark, LMT, NCTMB - The class was very informative and the instructor really knew his stuff. Presentation was great. I definitely recommend this class. 
313. - by Miranda Stocks - Very informative, very thorough, and you can tell he really knows what he's talking about. I enjoyed the class.
312. - by Ryan Page - Excellent class!! Teacher is very knowledgeable in gun safety and current Utah gun laws. Class was taught very well and was easy to follow and understand. Nice small class size is also a plus. I have and will recommend this class to my friends and family.
311. - by Joel Pack -  Super informative and fun course. Brought 2 of my friends and they both loved it too. Mike makes all the steps as easy and understandable as possible to follow through with getting the permit as well.
310. - by Robyn Moore - This class was exactly what I needed to feel more comfortable and informed about carrying. Mike did a great job making the classroom setting fun and busy by keeping the class involved! I couldn't believe how fast 4 hours went by and I am so glad my husband and I chose this extremely informative class.
309. - by Joel D. (onCitySearch) -  Excellent course. Knowledgeable and enjoyable instructor. Course is very complete, and covers both the letter and the spirit of the laws surrounding Concealed Carry Permits. I highly recommend
308. - by Grace Chumley - I was anticipating four hours of important information. What I did not expect, was to have the class informational, entertaining and fly by so fast! Mike is complete, concise, and easy to listen to. He incorporates class participation, videos, lectures with the right amount of seriousness and laughter. He answers questions and makes himself available for follow-up information. Amazing teacher, amazing class.
307. - by Don Marchant - Mike was great. He thoroughly covered what was required with an emphasis on safety. This was a great class, got the forms done and picture taken.... a very worthwhile experience.
306. - by David Cox - Mike was a great Instructor. Very entertaining. Made the 4 hour class fly right by. Very informative and an all around great personalty. The class was easy to follow along with and I walked away learning a lot of important information.
305. - by Taylor Ring - Mike is a fantastic teacher who genuinely cares about the course he is teaching. He works hard to keep the information entertaining over the course of 4 hours. It was a great class to attend and if you do a little study before hand you will be prepared to answer most of the questions he asks!
304. - by Paul Matheson - Mike is a great instructor and the class was very thorough. I work for a local police department and appreciated Mike's approach to the main points and his recommendations on how to handle dealing with police if a concealed weapon permit holder is ever involved with brandishing or firing their weapon in self defense. The atmosphere was very laid back. Water and snacks were provided and everything was very well organized and put together. I would absolutley recommend to anyone who is seeking this permit to go through Mike.
303. - by Margaret Sigler - I enjoyed the class.  It was very informative and very well prepared.  Mike had done a number of things to facillitate the obtaining of the cwp including taking the passport photo having the forms there, and a number of necessary things already in a packet.  His home is very nice and added to the comfort of the class and the welcome we received.
302. - by Joseph Sigler - My daughter and her husband talked my wife and I into getting a Utah CCW. I found Mike on KSL Deals and read some of the reviews there. With all of the favorable comments I decided to attend Mike's class. Mike is very passionate about teaching his students the correct approach to conceal carry. It is a huge responsibility that we take on every time we decide to carry and Mike taught the laws of Utah in a very clear manner. He had several videos, some were funny an

141. by Tim - What a great class. Great information and a great enviroment. I learned quite a bit and am motivated to research more. The class was fun and it wasnt death by powerpoint. Mike kept it light but professional, and interacted with everyone. I highly recommend this class to everyone interested in obtaining a CCW Permit. I will be taking my wife soon. Thank You Mike....Great Job!!!!!!!!!

140. by Mike - Mike is well prepared. The class is very informative. I have recommended this class to family. If you have experience or no experience with firearms this is a great class.

139. by Scott - Mike is very well organized, knows his stuff, Sign up! Very well presented and the smaller class size fosters participant interaction which keeps the interest level high. Mike covered all that I expected and more. Safety and responsibility were the most highly stressed topics, rightfully so!

138. by Christopher - Mike is a very good instructor. I found his class to be very informative and he presents the information in a professional and engaging manner. He clearly is very knowledgeable about the information. I would highly recommend taking Mike's CCW class.

137. by Glenn - I would highly recommend taking your CCW class from Mike. Mike is very professional and knowledgeable and will provide you with all the up to date information regarding Utah's concealed carry laws. Someone who knows nothing about guns, gun safty, gun laws, concealed carry, etc. will come out with a strong foundation about guns and what it take to carry a gun and where to find more information to further your knowledge.

136. by Susan - Mike is a very knowledgeable and interesting instructor. I was concerned about a four hour class on Saturday morning but it was so good our class of 15 didn't even want to take our first break. No matter what your level of experience with a gun, I would highly recommend you take this class.

135. by Randy - I took Mike's class and I found it both educational and enjoyable. Very professional approach. The cirricuulm was well organized and logically presented. Nice class size. I would recommend that if you are in pursuit of a CCW take the class from Mike.

134. by JenniJae - Mike's class was both informative and entertaining. I was worried about a 4-hour class, but Mike finds a way to keep the learning fun. He uses videos and photos to enhance the experience. He's got a helpful attitude for every student. Want a concealed-carry permit? Go here!

133. by Tracia - I took Mike's class with my husband and our friends. He was professional, approachable, and extremely helpful. He obviously has a solid knowledge in his curriculum and makes it interesting & fun for everyone. I really appreciated the small class size and individual attention Mike was able to offer. I highly recommend Mike to anyone interested in taking this class.

132. by Katie - This was a great class! I highly recommend it! Mike is a great instructor.

131. by Kyle - Great class! Mike provides an excellent foundation on which to build your gun law/safety knowledge.

130. by Terrence - It's so worth the few extra $'s to take this coarse from Mike. He is well organized, prepared and informative. I took my wife and another couple. We were all impressed with Mikes professionalism. I like the small class size.

129. by Dallas - Concealed Weapons permit. If you are looking to understand the basics and have everything ready for you when you go to process your request, this is the man you need to see! Thanks Mike

128. by Hooter - Mike is a great presenter. I wold recommend his class to anyone.

127. by Brandon - Excellent class and well structured . I left with all my questions answered and with very little left to do to submit my registration. Mike was a very enjoyable and knowledgeable instructor! Thanks Mike!

126. by Tony - There was a LOT I didn't know about the law that one MUST know before getting a concealed weapons permit! Mike covered all those in depth and I feel like I have a very good basic understanding of the responsibilities that come with owning a gun! Thanks Mike!

125. by Alma - This was an extremely fast moving and informative class. It was very well organized. It was easy sign-up. Easy pay. And, even easy paper processing for the license. There were some nice clips during the class tht I laugh about daily still. This was a very informative class and I really enjoyed it. I would highly recommend it. I can't believe I'm saying this about a FOUR hour class, but it's true. It went by fast!

124. by Chase - class was good, was able answer all questions in class, and made it easy to understand the importance of having a CCP. has alot of patience. great class thank you.

123. by Bill - Great! Mike did a great job making the class lively, enjoyable and informative. I was dreading four hours in a chair, but it flew by. He is smart, articulate, charismatic and fun! Highly recommended!!

122. by Artur - Excellent class! A lot of great useful information about Laws and Regulations and other useful information regarding CCP. Mike is an excellent instructor and gets straight to the point while maintaining a sense of humor and has the ability to make you interested in what he is discussing. I loved the class and would take it again in a heartbeat. Great instructor, very interesting and very useful, probably the best course out there. I highly recommend Mike's class and think everyone should take his course to be more educated on keeping yourself and your loved ones safe. Great class Mike, thanks!!!!!

121. by Chase - Fantastic class! Mike was professional and extremely realistic about the implications of having a CCP. The class was well taught and Mikes method of teaching is very educational without coming across as being arrogant or high and mighty in any way. His attitude is exactly what is needed to show the general public that concealed carry is a right that is exercised by reasonable and safe individuals. If there were more instructors (and people in general!) like Mike, gun safety would be much more widespread and irrational fear of firearms would be considerably reduced. Thanks for a great class Mike!

120. by Mike - Great class! Learned so much about CCW permits in Utah. I feel educated and confident about carrying a weapon in Utah. Mike is a great teacher, and is AWESOME at answering any questions you may have. This class is highly educational and I recommend it to anyone who is interested in obtaining a CCW permit. Lot's of info in 4 hours, but Mike makes it fun!

119. by Tacoman - Top notch !! Mike is very passionate about his teachings of the concealment laws and covers every aspect of them with profesional clarity and entertaining humor along the way. it was a big plus to teach on what to do and what not to do if you ever have to draw your firearm in self-defense. His class lasts about 4 hours, but it really does feel like 90 minutes. Thank you Mike for allowing me into your home and teaching me the skills of self preservation.

118. by Steve - This class is for anyone and everyone! Mike has the ability to educate you thoroughly and prevent boredom at the same time! I know so much more after taking this class, and I really thought I knew pretty much everything already. He is an absolute expert, and that is exactly who should be teaching us about carrying firearms. Four hours felt like 90 minutes! He covered everything you need to know and much more, a real pro. Thanks Mike!

117. by Spencer - Mike performed up and beyond any expectations. I was thoroughly impressed with the class and how it was taught. Being as long as it was, it was very entertaining for a serious topic. There was a lot of information to cover but the way it was presented engaged everyone both veteran and beginner. Everyone was comfortable. I consider myself well versed in firearms and was happy to see how many times he made sure everyone understood safety and the importance that this permit represents. I would HIGHLY recommend going to Mike if you are considering taking this class. I couldnt have been happier. Thanks Mike!

116. by Mike - Mike is an excellent instructor. I'm fairly new to hand guns, but Mike made it all understandable. I enjoyed his power point presentation, it was so much better than just a boring lecture. He is a real professional, and very well-organized. The class was almost four hours, but to be honest it could have gone another hour to talk about proper concealment, and the different holster type products on the market. I'm sending in my CCW paperwork today, and Mike made it all very easy.

115. by Kyle - Phenomenal teaching skills! I honestly was amazed at Mike's ability to teach a class full of people with different abilitites / knowledge of handguns and the laws associated with them. He could talk the talk with those who had owned guns for years, but at the same time there were first time gun owners in the class and he answered every single question they had and made everyone feel comfortable to do so. A long class like this could very well be hard to sit through, but you can tell that Mike has spent countless hours to prepare for his classes to make them entertaining and enjoyable. I can truely say that I felt very comfortable learning such valuable lessons from him, and i would HIGHLY recommend him and his course to anyone who has the desire to obtain a concealed permit, or simply for the education. He is extremely friendly and knows his stuff! Thanks for the great class Mike!

114. by Ricki & Rock - I was kind afraid to take the class, but it was really awsome. Everything was super clear, all my questions got answered. He is super funny and kind. He really knows his stuff. I reccomend this class to anyone interested in getting or know about a c.c permit. And the best part he has really good treats.

113. by Robert - The time and money spent to take this class was very worth while. Even if you do not have intentions of getting a CCP, any gun owner should take this class. Not only did Mike cover all of the topics necessary, but he interjects real type situations into the class using multi-media to enhance and support what he is teaching. The time goes very fast and is enjoyable. Good job Mike!

112. by Ivan - The class was very informative and fun at the same time. I really enjoyed it and I would recommend Mike as an instructor to friends who might want to get the permit.

111. by Kyle - I would definitely recommend Mike's class to all my family and friends who are interested in obtaining a ccp or anyone who would like learn more about gun laws and safety. His class was very informative and a lot of fun too! Extremely happy that I took his class! Thank you Mike

110. by Taylor - I just took this course and now have a vast knowledge about concealed carry and reciprocity. I would recommend this class to anyone!

109. by Rob - Very informative class. I've been in law enforcement for over twenty years now. I decided to take the class really just to see what is taught. Mike was a great instructor and knew what he was talking about, from the laws to gun safety. I enjoyed the class and learned a few things myself. Highly recommend that even if you don't plan on getting a concealed permit you attend the class just for the learning experience.

108. - by Tango Bravo - Enjoyed the class. I now have a greater awareness of gun laws and a new appreciation for the responsibility associated with carrying a weapon. Thanks Mike.

107. by Archie - Mike gave some great information about gun safety and common sense ideas about the use and misuse of guns. This would be a great class for anyone who owns a weapon. Great job.

106. by Laura - I was originally concerned that I might feel intimidated being the only woman in a class of men more experienced in firearms than myself. I found that I was not the only woman attending, and I was made to feel very welcome, and comfortable to fully participate. I learned the important concepts of how and when to appropriately defend myself or a loved one with a gun, while complying with all the requirements of the law. I left this class feeling empowered, and much more comfortable with concealed carry concepts, and the justifications for use of lethal force. I strongly recommend this class to any other ladies considering a concealed carry permit. The instructor Michael was great! This class is worth every second.

105. by Chuck - What an awesome class! I really enjoyed discussing all the potential situations you might find yourself in while carrying and considering possible outcomes. Mike is very enthusiastic and dedicated which shows why he is such an outstanding instructor. The class is a lot of fun and will be very exciting for anyone even remotely interested in gun safety and legally carrying concealed weapons.

104. by Ron Attitude is everything... and Mike has it right. I've taken the class twice before, from other instructors, and each one brings something valuable. The thing that set's Mike apart is his enthusiasm, genuine passion for gun safety, and proper concealed firearm practices. I firmly believe that every citizen should take this class, from Mike, even if they don't intend to carry. It's great instruction, from a great American!

103. by Michael - Awesome Instructor! I thought this class was going to be extremely boring. It wasn't! Mike goes out of his way to make sure that his class is both informative and enjoyable. Mike is super personable and really knows his stuff. He really made it comfortable for those that were not comfortable with the law aspect. Nice job Mike. I will recommend you to my friends and family for sure!

102. by Layne - A must for anyone who uses guns! I really enjoyed this class and found it very beneficial. Regardless if you want a concealed permit or not, you should take this course if you EVER use a gun. This class has great safety information as well as covering legal issues you would not consider when picking up a gun.

101. by Ryan - Awesome class!!! Mike is a great instructor and I now have a greater understanding of the responsibility that comes with being a licensed concealed carry citizen. I will be referring friends to take this class!

100. by Jerry - Mike is really knowledgeable and was willing to answer any of my questions. It's obvious that he really does want you to leave understanding your responsibility. I feel much more secure yet also responsible having finished this course. I recommend Mike's CCP course to anyone!

99. by Rodger - Being a Veteran of the Armed Services, I found Mike's class to be the best in providing the necessary information for carrying a concealed weapon in Utah, as well as knowing what your rights and responsibilities are. Once you attend, you will leave very happy knowing you have been taught by the very best.

98. by Alex - Great knowledge on the subject, Mike had great delivery and kept it lively which made the expirience fun, although Mikes there to talk weapons shop, not there to watch you talk your shop. Leave your phones in the car. " I would recommend it ".

97. by Roy - I am a retired Utah Police Officer and I attended this class with my wife. Mike is a great instructor and cares about his students. Attend this training and be confident that you will go home with a good understanding of your rights and responsibilities when carrying a gun in Utah.

96. by Zach - I have the information now, that I didn't have before, that Mike had presented to me and my fellow classmates, and if I was asked by someone that wanted to get their concealed firearms permit, I would tell them to go to Mike Munnerlyn.

95. by Douglas - There was alot of information presented and I felt that it was very helpful.

94. - by Jared - You wouldn't think that a 4 hour class in gun safety and law would be anything but boring. That was NOT the case. Mike was engaging, entertaining, and informative. Great class, great instructor! I left informed and with a smile on my face. Can't beat that.

93. - by Charles - The class was very informative and the teacher was very apt to teach. He made the common misconceptions very understandable, and the Utah Laws very clear. Thank-you Mike.

92. by Pat/Heather - Great class! Mike is extremely knowlegeable and thorough. He makes the class entertaining and gives you all the information that is needed to gain a better understanding of safety, laws and responsibilities as a future Concealed carry owner. My wife attended the class with me and she has never even fired a handgun but yet felt extremely comfortable with Mike's teaching style. We highly recommend this class for anyone that is interested in having a CFP!

91. - by Stayler - Very professional. The class consists of four information packed hours that left me feeling much more informed about the laws and my rights pertaining to concealed carry weapons and firearms in general. He spent several minutes with me after the class thoroughly answering a question I had about buying my first handgun. I definitely recommend this class.

90. by Aldina - Amazing Class!! Mike gives all the info needed and it's actually a fun class!! He was very professional and answered any questions that he was asked! He's a very funny guy. I enjoyed his class very much. I would recommend it to EVERYONE!!

89. by Hill - Excellent class. Mike gives you all the information you need and makes it all very interesting. He is super helpful with any questions during the class or any that come up after by email. So glad I took it from him.

88. by Ben GREAT CLASS!!! Mike is a great instructor. He is really thorough on not only covering the topics but explaining questions anyone in the class might have. My girlfriend took it with me and he did a great job of making her comfortable when explaining key points and answering her questions. I'm so glad I took the class with Mike not just because it was great but I got to meet a real stand-up individual. I'm looking forward to spending a day with Mike at the range in the future! Highly recommend his class!!

87. by Jake. Great program, learned a lot and very very happy with my choice of taking this class over someone else. As you walk out the door you leave with an envelope of EVERYTHING you need to file for your permit. I went and filed the very next day. I am 100% confident in knowing I will make the right decisions when I carry because of the great teaching and knowledge from this program. Would recommend to ANYONE, no matter what your background is with firearms. Men and women, young and old!

86. by Anet. LOVED the class. Mike is a great instructor, and VERY knowledgeable. I will recommend this class to anyone, and will be referring friends and colleagues.

85. by Craig. OUTSTANDING CLASS. Not only does Mike focus on safety, but also the profound responsibility of having the privilege of carrying a concealed weapon. I give Mike the highest recommendation.


83. by J. Stefan. AMAZING TEACHER, AMAZING PERSON!!! This guy really is a pro, knows his stuff, and gets you through the course very painlessly. He is a true asset to his field and I highly recommend anyone EVEN CONSIDERING taking this course to do it through Mike. It doesn't matter how far away you live, I came from another state because I knew from my initial correspondence with him that Mike would be the man to walk me through this with the greatest of ease. He is a true gentleman and now a friend. You will not regret taking this course and getting to know this incredible instructor. Good man! Thanks for a great experience Mike! I don't know how to give 5 stars so I'll give you 10 brother.

82. by Clutch101. 3-1/2 to 4 hours..... Went by like lightning. Mike and Rob both did an excellent job, to the extent that when it was finished I was wishing we had more time to learn. The class was very imformative and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get their concealed permit. Great Job you guys and thank you again for all the information and making it a fun learning experience.

81. by Rinn. AAAsome class, As in triple A grade. Instructors are well experienced, timely, and fun. It was a great evening.

80. by J-Rod. I would recommend this class. It was very informative and also fun. Mike is very knowledgeable and a good instructor.

79. by Brian. Great Course. Course was very informational and even a bit entertaining. Safety is first priority in this class and I really appreciated their approach to everything. I'm glad I chose to take the class from Mike and Rob. I recommend this class to everyone!

78. by Emily E. - I would recommend this class to anyone. I repeat anyone! Gun owner or not. My husband and I took this class, thinking it would be a fun thing to do together to build our knowledge of concealed carry. This class showed me how lacking that knowledge really was. It was very informative and shed new light on many things I had assumed I knew, and was surprised at how little I knew before, but, how full of knowledge I felt after I left the class. Mike is funny, engaging, and first and foremost professional and knowledgeable on every aspect you could hope to find out on this subject! Thanks Mike!

77. by Carol - Amazing course. Highly recommended. Gun safety is a priority in this class. Mike and Rob are very informative (and informed) instructors. I am so glad I took this class conducted by these two individuals.

76. by Aaron - I thought this was a great class and would reccomend it to anyone. The course is extremely informative and professionally done but, we still managed to have a good time. If you are thinking of obtaining your CCW, go to Mike.

75. by Douglas - Great course. I attended this as a total neophyte trying to figure whether concealed carry makes sense for me (or anyone for that matter). Mike and Rob did a great job of making people of all levels of knowledge feel included. They provided a clear explanation of the laws and reasons for carrying a weapon for self-defense. They also provided practical advice and safety training. If you are looking for a class to get a card so you can feel like Wyatt Earp, this is probably not the place for you. If on the other hand you are looking to learn the reasons, laws and some wisdom to sort out the issues around concealed carry, you cannot do better than this class. A real bonus is that they do the class every week and you can sign up on line. I would recommend this for everyone.

74. by Keith- Rob & Mike conduct a Great Conceal Carry Class; informative, concise and to the point. Would recommend this to anyone considering a Utah Conceal Carry Permit.

73. by George P. - Mike and Rob did a great job. They are obviously experts in this area. The class was professional done and was well presented. They are very helpful and know the process thoroughly. I will definitely recommend them and their class to all of my friends.

72. by Joseph - Mike and Rob were both knowledgeable and kept the class both informative and entertaining. I'd definitely recommend their class.

71. by Chris - Mike's class was very helpful for me being a person that did not know much about guns. I walked out of the class with knowledge about the laws and most importantly about safety. The class covered alot of information, but the way the class was ran made it fun and enjoyable.

70. by Josh - Mike did a great job! I left with a much better knowledge of gun law and gun safety. I would defenitely recomend this class.

69. by Jesse - This class was very informative. ... and enlightening but still managed to be fun as well. As a person with somewhat limited gun experience I was never made to feel out of place and learned a lot! Thanks, guys!

68. A really well-run and informative program - by Mike. Mike and Rob are experienced, committed and very serious about what they're doing. They were able to be effective with students with limited firearms experience and at the same time add a few important things for those with significant experience. Very, very worthwhile for anyone.

67. Mike and Rob are great - by Mark. They really took the time to explain Utah's complicated laws on Concealed Carry. They took special care with some of the students with limited firearms experience. I would definitely recommend this course.

66. I have had much weapons training - by Kirk From small arms to directing close air support. The class these two gentlemen gave was wonderful from a civilian standpoint. Just the education on Utah conceal carry applications was great. They kept the information to necessity of application from a real world point of view. The small class size and informal approach make it great for asking and understanding questions. Thanks Guys and good luck.

65. ‎Great class at a great price - by Keegan These two instructors know their stuff, and they really helped me to understand Utah's self defense laws. It was easy to ask questions because of the small class size.

63. GREAT CLASS!!!! - by Aaron I would recomed this class to everyone, It was clear from the start that Mike new the material from front to back and he explained it in a way that we all could understand, I left there with no unanswred questions and with a better understanding of Utah gun laws.

62. Highly Recommended! - by Christopher All of the information was presented in an easy to understand manner. No questions were left unanswered and Mike is truly a subject matter expert. I'm already planning for my wife to sign up for a class soon as well!

61. Great Class! - by KGL The State of Utah has a lot of required material which must be covered to get an instructors stamp on your concealed firearms permit application form. Mike and Rob covered the material in such a way as to make the time spent tick by so fast that all of a sudden the evening was done an it was time to go home. These guys know their stuff and have a great way of presenting information without boredom or repetition. I highly recommend their training class to you!

60. by Doo - The Instructors were very knowledgeable and patient with people who had questions and alot of comments. Well done!!

59. Great instructors! by PJ - Even make the legal detail interesting. Good gun safety instruction... helpful and willing to address all questions that came up in class. Absolutely worth every dime.

57. The class was very informative and fast moving - by Brooks. It was easy to follow and kept our attention and gave me the necessary information as well as clarifying some misconceptions that I had about concealed carry. The instructors are very knowledgeable and answered all relevant questions and made the course interesting.

56. by Ed - Class was very informative Instructors covered vast amounts of info and yet still had plenty of time for Q&A's. Intructors were very professional and really knew their information. I would reccomend them to anyone interested in taking a class.

55. by John C. - Extremely accommodating I called the day of a class and they managed to make a spot for me. It was extremely informative - any and all questions I asked were answered in a professional easy to understand manner. Mike and Rob are both highly educated on the topics covered in class and beyond. For someone who has been around guns his entire life, I was surprised at how much I still had to learn. I would recommend this class to anyone with a gun in their home- whether or not they want a concealed carry permit.

54. Quick and Easy - by MO I went online, paid my money and went to the class the next day. Teachers very knowledgable about all sorts of guns and safety. Very interactive not just powerpoint slides, a lot of Q and A. I was in the military and still learned a great deal about handguns and the law behind concealed carry permit. Great class for anyone with a gun in there home, even men who think they know a lot about guns.

53. Top notch class - by mpk Taught by friendly people who are passionate about the material and professional in its presentation. I enjoyed the class and highly recommend it to anyone who is looking for their CCW.

52. C.F.P. Course‎‎ - by Aaron M. I give this course an Excellent rating. Why? Anything that helps gun owners learn how to stay alive, and know when not to "Skin the Smoke Wagon" is invaluable. Rob and Mike's course, demonstrations, information, passion, materials, q & a, and ability to convey the incredibly important choices that are up to you the gun owner, and often "depend on the situation" may just save your life.

51. Concealed Carry Course‎‎ - by David B.I drove a considerable distance to take the course put on by Mike and Rob. I didn't know what to expect. It didn't take long to realize how professional they were and how dedicated they were to their class. Not only was their PowerPoint presentation excellent, they left room for class

50. Concealed Carry Permit - by Alfonso C. Mike and Rob's class was a very informative experience. The class size lends itself to a more intimate setting where you can ask questions and get good answers. These guys really know their stuff and their good personality helps in making the class enjoyable.

49. by Jack - Great course, I appreciated the stress on personal responsibility and discussing the range of choices in various situations - especially in light of the recent home invasion shooting. The course is very complete and made more enjoyable by the presentation skills of both Rob and Mike. Gun talk and home baked cookies can't get much better than that. - Jack

48. Great class - by Sammie This was a very well taught class. Mike and Rob are very well experienced teachers and really make the class interesting. They are very thorough in making sure that you understand the laws and the importance of the information. The only thing I would have liked to see is for them to do the fingerprints at the class. I would recommend Rob and Mikes class to anyone interested in getting their CCW permit.

47. Very Well Done‎‎ - by Alastair I spent a great deal of time searching for a CCW class to take and I am very happy that I chose Mike and Rob's! The presentation was very well done, extremely informative, and they made the entire experience very engaging and interesting. They have a very thorough understanding of the material and could clearly and concisely explain some fairly complex laws in understandable terms. Mike and Rob are both great individuals and had a lot of fun learning from them. I absolutely recommend this class to anyone and everyone.

46. Excellent class, Excellent instructor‎‎ - by JF If your interested in a top-to-bottom, all-inclusive class, this is the one... Very thorough and relative to what is happening today. Very cutting-edge, yet practical. This is the class you want to take.

45. Excellent Class‎‎ - by Nat I signed up for this class being very inexperienced with gun handling, gun laws...etc...But, by the end of class, I gained a true respect for my privilege to obtain my CCP, I am comitted to safety, and have already begun to spend time practicing at the range. I was the only girl in class! Mike and Rob were respectful, they made me feel comfortable with my decision to obtain my CCP, and attending this class was a great decision on my part. Thank you!‎

44. Educational and Enjoyable‎‎ - by Hogan Mike and Rob did an outstanding job as instructors. They are talented, knowledgeable instructors who clearly believe that qualified citizens should have a thorough understanding of their weapon, public safety and the law. I came to the class very comfortable with my own gun safety and handling skills, but they provided techniques and insights which enhanced my confidence and knowledge. Most significant to me were the laws regarding when and where I can carry a concealed weapon, how to avoid the escalation of a dangerous situation, and when deadly force, as a Concealed Weapons Permit Holder, is authorized and when it becomes a crime. VERY insightful, Very helpful, and well worth the education. I have now encouraged my wife to attend.‎

43. Thats one great class!‎‎ - by Chuck I went into this class kind of nervous about what is expected from concealed weapon permit holders and Mike and Rob alleviated all my concerns. They taught very well and very straightforward what a permit holder can and can't do. If you are thinking about getting a concealed weapon permit or even just want to know more about the law, I would highly recommend taking the class that Mike and Rob offer!‎

42. Great Class - by Nathaniel I felt that these men did a great job making sure we all knew what was expected of us and how great of a responsibility carrying a concealed weapon is. They were more than willing to answer any and all questions that we had. They were friendly and enthusiastic about teaching. I would seriously recommend this class to anyone considering getting their concealed weapons permit.

41. Thanks a ton Mike and Rob‎‎ - by Pete I have minimal gun knowledge but this class was well worth it. Mike is extremely knowledgable and really does make the class interactive and interesting. The only recommendation I can think of is that scratch paper and pens be available. I should have been prepared for that, but a heads up would have been awesome. I found myself wanting to jot down a ton of things. Thanks again Mike and Rob!

40. Class was well done - by CFurse This class was well done. They addressed all of our questions directly and completely. From a very busy person, this class was a good use of my time.

39. Great Class‎‎ - by Ethan Excellent class to attend for this. They provided all the information you will need to get your concealed permit and also provided a list of references to read to continue your education on the laws, do's and don'ts and more. The class was four hours but the information was presented in a way that made the 4 hours go by quickly. Thanks again!!!

38. Way Fun Class‎‎ - by Midwaywhip I have used guns all of my life. This class taught me many things I had no idea about. It was very educational and fun.. thanks‎

37. Very Informative! - by Randy I took this class a few days ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The instructors did a very good job explaining the law and the importance of forethought for each situation. They also reviewed the various types of guns and their components as well as the pros and cons of carrying each. The resources and materials they used were very applicable.‎

36. Excellent‎‎ - by Jay I took Mike and Rob's class a couple months ago, and just got my concealed permit. These guys are awesome. Very knowledgeable. I also appreciated that they incorporated humor into their presentation, despite it being a serious topic. It made the time pass quicker and more enjoyable. Highly recommend these guys!‎

35. Take The Class!‎‎ - by Rick I had the opportunity to take this class earlier this month and found it well worth my time. I am not a gun enthusiast and my knowledge of guns and the laws that apply to them was limited. These gentleman lay out the do's and dont's of owning a gun, and in a classroom situation take a very serious topic, add a little lightheartedness and get the point across about how we take responsibility for our actions. The laws are layed out and in the end you understand how you can protect yourself legally. Great job guys!‎

34. Well Worth It - by Nunya I really enjoyed the time spent with Mike and Rob in this class. They covered the required material and kept it entertaining. I was not bored at any time and I am ADD. I especially liked the steps they taught to follow if every find yourself in need of using your weapon so that you could have sound legal standing.‎

33. Mandatory curriculum made interesting - by Ron Mike and Rob have managed to make a 4 hour session into an informative and fun experience. They gave objective interpretation of the laws regarding concealment of firearms and the safety of hand gun ownership. Their course preparation and enthusiatic course conduct kept me attentive for the entire 4 hour period. I would highly recommend this course to others.‎

32. Practical Training, In-Depth Knowledge of the Law - by Chadaroo22 This class was excellent. Mike and Rob were very well prepared and are very knowledgeable concerning concealed carry laws. I was most impressed by their depth of knowledge on the subject. They really know their stuff, and have a passion for what theyre doing. They offered thought provoking scenarios and utilized video demonstrations to illustrate the application of state law. They also offered practical training for using and concealing a firearm. I think they really help define the gravity of the responsibility that one undertakes by being a concealed weapons permit holder, and solidified in my mind the purpose of being a concealed carry permit holder. I was very pleased with the quality of the course and would highly recommend taking the course from Mike and Rob.‎

31. - by Ronald from Texas Myself, my wife, my daughter and son in law attended a Utah Concealed Carry Permit Class. The class was conducted by Mr. Mike Munnerlyn. The class was extremely interesting and informative. Debra, my wife, now easily spots brandishing incidents within our home state of Texas. I have been in the criminal justice field for over 41 years and the information provided proves that a person can learn new information and techniques. Well done.

30. Fun class, lots of information‎‎ - by Mandy The instructors were very informative regarding Utah gun laws, carrying, and cleaning guns. They kept the class interesting with funny videos and the time passed quickly. I would highly recommend taking your concealed carry class through them!‎

29. Great Class‎‎ - by Mike The instructors did a great job of moving through the material while keeping the mood light and informal. I got a great foundation of understanding in gun laws and how they relate to concealed and open carry. The only negative is that you have to go elsewhere to get fingerprints done.

28. Very Informative‎‎ - by Greg This class was informal and fun, yet packed in a ton of information. They covered everything from the different types of handguns and the care & cleaning of each, to the laws on concealed carry and open carry. We all took home a CD with all the BCI guidelines, and all the Utah concealed carry laws for reference. The videos were informative and funny as well. They pretty much run every Thursday night, so they are convenient as well. Definitely recommended!‎

27. Great Class‎‎ - by John Excellent, the best possible combination of relaxed, informative, funny and professional, all at the same time. It was refreshing to have people who were serious about gun safety, gun owner responsibility, and comprehension of the law, while at the same time making it understandable and fun. Great class, highly recomended.‎

26. Very Good‎‎ - by Soylentp I really enjoyed this class, very informative and they answered all of the class questions. My doubts about carrying my gun around with me as much as possible were taken away and I will soon take it always. I shopped around for a week looking for the best class for my money and I think I found it. The class was fun and the treats were nice also.

25. Non-Resident Class‎‎ - by BCurley This class was relaxed yet informative. As a non-resident and former law enforcement officer, I was interested to learn the Utah laws, to be reminded of safety in the handling of weapons, and to be part of a class of individuals from a wide mix of backgrounds. They do a complete package in this course making the application process much easier.‎

24. Great Class - by Bruce The class was enjoyable and very informative, especially with regard to Utah laws pertaining to concealed carry, open carry and self and/or property defense. They also send you home with a CD for follow-up review. These laws can be both ambiguous and complex. These instructors put a lot of emphasis on the legal rights and responsibilities of concealed carry.‎

23. Lots of Info., Great Presentation‎‎ - by VLJoiner I really enjoyed this class. There is a lot of very important information to go over and these instructors did a very fine job of presenting the facts in a way that was easy to understand. They were extremely professional and down to earth. I appreciated that they had all the necessary forms and instructions for completing our applications.‎

22. Outstanding!‎‎ - by Abel If you are going to take the course, than this is the course youll want to take. The instructors were accomadating and genuinley interested in making sure all the material was delievered in a caring and efficient manner. Before the course ended you knew what, if anything, you needed to do next to ensure the proper paperwork was accurately completed and correctly submitted. What struck me as uncommon was the follow-up that was extended; if you needed them they were there to genuinely assist you in any way they could. Real people delivering a real service. Thanks guys on a wonderful experience

21. Highly Recommended‎‎ - by Dan Although this course cost a bit more than the bargain classes you can find if you are price shopping, it was well worth it! These guys were knowledgeable, professional, and fun. It was a good learning environment, and my class had only 4 students, so thats a teacher per two students. It is clear these guys arent doing it for the money, they believe in educating the public and promoting responsible firearm usage as a CFP holder. Thanks again Mike & Rob!

20. Reserve Your Seat...‎‎ - by John This was a very professional and informative course in a informal setting. There is a lot of interaction between the instructors and students. We were repeatedly encouraged to ask questions in order to clarify our understanding

19. Great Course - by Ryan The course was very informative and well presented. The course has everything you need from basic knowledge and gun safety to examples that put you in the place where you may need a weapon.

18. Very Professional - by McClaine Everyone should take this course, if not for the permit, at least for the valuable information.

17. Great Experience - by Leah Mike and Rob were both very knowledgeable; about firing, handling, and buying guns. The class was very much based on Utahs concealed carry laws, so you will leave knowing exsactly what steps you need to take to get your permit, and also the limitations and requirements once you start carrying. The class is great for women. They teach a lot about gun safety and handling - which is beneficial because I know a lot of wemen that are interested in guns, b ut dont exactly know the ins and outs like a lot of men do somehow (how do they know so much?) :) You also leave the class with good recommendations on which gun would b e b est for you. They also show you different kinds of holsters that you can conceal carry with, which I thought was really helpful.

16. Great Course‎‎ - by Jake I was very impressed with not only the content but the presentation of it as well. Mike and Rob were great. I really learned a lot and enjoyed the class. It was very eye opening to me to hear some of the statistics and completely validated my wanting to obtain this permit. I will be sending my wife to attend as well.‎

15. Great for Experts & Beginners! - by Austin This course was informative on so many aspects, and at a level where both experienced and novice firearm users learn. Everything was covered in a practical and useful manner without wasting time. The instructors always took time to answer any questions and curiosities that students had.‎

14. Great, Great Course! - by J. Williams My wife and I went into this class with no idea of what was required for a Concealed Carry Permit. We were thoroughly trained, it was a very good class setting. In fact we contacted Mike and he came to our city to put on the class, not once but twice. Everyone in attendance enjoyed the one-on-one questions and answers. Mike and Rob are very knowledgeable on this topic and I would recommend them to anyone interested in obtainng a permit.

13. - By Donna & Gordon
I think I can speak for both of us when I say we got a great deal of information from the class. Very instructive as to safe handling of guns and what the law requires. Gordon thought the specific teaching on how to hand a gun to somebody, knowing whether or not the gun is loaded was well presented. Donna was glad to handle the guns to better understand their weight, action and commitment a person is making when concealing a weapon. Thanks Mike and Rob for a thorough and very communicative presentation!‎

12. Highly Recommend! - by Ash I have to say I was a bit nervous about attending this class, being a bonifide rookie when it comes to guns. Would I know what they were talking about? Would they make me feel uneducated or like I was out of place? Would I be surrounded by a bunch of hard-core gun enthusiasts who would mock me if I said I only owned a .22 handgun? I need not have worried. From the moment I walked into class I was made to feel welcome and completely at home. Yes, the presentation was informative & well designed, but the demonstrations and discussions were unquestionably the most educational aspect. Pleanty of interaction betweem students & teachers! I came away confident that I knew more than enough to move forward with getting my CFP. A couple of weeks later I had a follow-up question for Mike that I had not been able to find the answer to... he jumped right on it for me, researching it and getting back to me just a few hours later. Much appreciated! Mike & rob are fantastic instructors and you will definately get your moneys worth!

11. Great Course - by Rick Mike and Rob have put together a great presentation. They are passionate about concealed weapon permits and making sure that the law is taught properly. It is very interactive and all questions are encouraged and answered. I recommend their course to anyone interested in getting their permit.

10. Interractive Concealed Firearms Permit Class - by Adam Mike and Rob have a comprehensive knowledge regarding the laws and use of concealed firearms and just firearms in general. They were able to answer all my questions. We had very good debates depicting certain gray areas of the correct time to use a firearm. These gentlemen are firm believers that carrying a concealed weapon allows you to survive until tomorrow. I highly recommend attending this course with these gentlemen... It is an experience to remember.

9. Excellent CCP Course - by Gtwreck Mike and Rob did an excellent job in teaching this class. They spent quite a lot of time discussing hypothetical scenarios that one might find themselves in and creating a two-way dialogue with the students. After these detailed discussions, they would then relate these to the requirements in the Utah State Law. They also spent quite a bit of time talking gun saftey which I am a strong advocate of, and the Federal Law, which helped fill a gap in knowledge for me. All-in-all, a great class with two enthusiastic and knowledgeable instructors.

8. Great Instruction - by Ccreno Very well taught course. Recommend to all...

7. Great Gun Course - by Ahrrr Rob and Mike have an obvious pasion and knowledge about firearms and safety and training. They made the class fun and informative and I came away with confidence that I had been instructed adequately about this important topic. I take the responsibility of owning and using guns seriously and Mike and Rob were excellent at teaching the concealed carry course. The curriculum was well organized and the presentation was first rate. I would happily recommend Mike and Rob for this training.

6. Excellent course for responsible gun owners - by Matthew Taking a class from people who obviously have passion about what they are teaching can be a rare thing to find these days. But Mike and Rob obviously have a passion for guns, both as firearms enthusiasts and as a deterrant to violent crime. Both instructors are very knowledgeable about guns, gun safety and the laws regarding carrying concealed, and non-concealed. They do an excellent job of impressing the seriousness of the responsibilities of carrying a concealed weapon, as well as the important reasons that concealed firearms serve an important purpose in the community, and the safety of your family. I highly recommend the class to anyone willing to be a responsible gun owner.

5. Great Course - by JD I took this course a few months ago with a group of my friends. It is obvious that Mike and Rob are passionate about gun rights. They both have extensive experience with firearms and concealed carry. I was also very impressed with their understanding of the gun laws in Utah; it is clear that they keep themselves up to date on all the legaliaties associated with firearms. They also covered the material in a timely and enjoyable fashion. I appreciated how they involved class members as opposed to just lecturing the entire time. I would recommend this class with he utmost confidence.

4. Small Class Size and Friendly Instructors - by Squirt Mike and Rob teach the most affordable class around, and the teaching quality is great. The delivery was conversational, and the class size was small enough that I felt very comfortable asking questions. I will send my freinds their way when I get the chance.

3. Very Engaging & Enjoyable Class - by James I took this class from Mike and Rob a couple of months ago. It was nice to have both of their insights, and it was obvious that teaching these classes is important to them - They went out of their way to make the class enjoyable as well as extremely informative. I would recommend them to anyone in Utah who is interested in being a well-informed, responsible concealed carry permit holder. I actually do not intend to carry as much as some others do, but I wanted to have a sound understandeing of the legal issues surrounding protecting my family with a firearm. Very engaging and enjoyable class!

2. Carry Permit - by Clem Great class, informative and interesting.

1. Professional - by RT2 I have taken two concealed classes. The first I took a few years ago and let the stamps expire and had to retake the class. Mike and Rob have the information down, and are able to answer most if not all the questions the class threw at them. They are passionate about the rights of being able to conceal carry, and they are active in teaching the benefit of carrying. One reason that I let my first concealed class stamps expire was because I did not think that I could, if needed, pull a gun on someone else. Since then I have become a father. Now the need to always protect my family from danger is first in my mind. I am currently waiting for my permit in the mail. I then will purchase a gun for concealed carry. I do believe that as the number of concealed carry premits rises here in Utah that crime will eqully respond and fall.

I am currently retired from teaching. My son-in-law Rob Wilkinson, who used to teach with me, is now teaching on his own. Please call him at 801-671-6773.

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