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CFP Holder Stops Stabbing Spree!

Usually, I find truths half-told, and a blatant underlying anti-gun agenda as the order-of-the-day. I can scarcely remember the last time the liberal media reported a successful intervention by a lawfully armed citizen! See this short NRA Commentary entitled Media Blackout on Self Defense. But, lo & behold, check this out.

On Thursday April 26, 2012 around 5:30 p.m., a deranged South Vietnamese man, who had just purchased a knife at a downtown Salt Lake Smith's Marketplace, exits the store and begins randomly stabbing people, while yelling, "You killed my people". He critically injured two male victims, and attempted to stab several others, who were able to get away from this chaos. A Utah Concealed Carry Permit holder took action and stopped the rampage, by pulling his gun and telling the attacker to drop his weapon, or he would shoot him. The attacker complied, and was subdued and held lying on the ground until police arrived and placed him into custody.

Dozens of other Smith's shoppers were thankful for the gun-carrying man's willingness to intervene, and police even had high praise for this concealed weapon holder who used his gun to end the hysteria. Police said that this volatile situation could have gotten even worse.

This is a perfect example of a Utah Concealed Carry Permit holder taking decisive action to stop the commission of a forceable felony, as provided for by Utah state law. His acts of brandishing and even potentially aggravated assault were not illegal since they were done under circumstances that were justified, and absolutely appropriate and reasonable.

It turns out that the perpetrator had a long criminal history dating back to 1997. His name is Kiet Thanh Ly, age 34. His criminal acts included: possessing another person’s ID, misdemeanor theft, sexual battery, two counts of lewdness, attempted assault on a police officer, and attempted aggravated assault by threatening a person with a knife. Ly now faces two felony counts of attempted murder, and four counts of aggravated assault.

This violent event once again illustrates how important it is for us to recognize that we all must take responsibility for our own safety. There is no better way to embark on this path than obtaining a Utah Concealed Weapons Permit. Please visit my website below for details. I will continue to carry my concealed weapon daily, make regular trips to shooting ranges, and do my best to protect my family and loved ones, to ensure we "make it to tomorrow".

Mike Munnerlyn, Instructor
Utah Concealed Carry Permit, LLC
www.SafeUtah.com MMunnerlyn@Gmail.com

I am currently retired from teaching. My son-in-law Rob Wilkinson, who used to teach with me, is now teaching on his own. Please call him at 801-671-6773.

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