Utah Concealed Weapons Permit (Utah CCW)

Being a Present-day Patriot

How can you be a true Patriot in our day and age? Consider the following:

  1. Re-read the Declaration of Independence, and do a little research on-line to better understand the people and circumstances at the time of the signing of this tremendous document. What courage, eloquence, & commitment! Pay close attention to how you feel inside as you read it.

  2. Re-read the Constitution of the United States. Ponder it's contents... I believe God inspired the founding fathers of this great nation to draft this blueprint for our free society.

  3. Be an unwavering supporter of the Second Amendment. Don't stand by in silence when the liberal media or large corporations promote their gun control agendas. Only support those who don't work to infringe on your God-given rights! Boycott 'em. Read my "refresher" article.

  4. Get your Utah Concealed Carry Permit and take responsibility for your own safety and that of your family. Come to grips with the fact that police protection is an oxymoron. In most circumstances, they can't and won't protect you individually. You have to be prepared to do it yourself. Read my article on what is necessary to succeed with concealed carry.

  5. I firmly believe the National Rifle Association (NRA) does more good than any other organization in the United States that I am aware of to help uphold and defend our 2A Freedoms. They need our support to have the ability to fight our battles for us. The normal annual membership fee is only $35 to join, or renew/extend your current membership. If you click on this link it will save you $10.

  6. Build up your own Arsenal and supply of ammunition to enable you to contribute towards defending our Constitution and our way of life, if that were ever to become necessary.

  7. Consider building your own basic AR15. Anyone at all handy, who is willing to try can do this. A basic AR can be built for around $800-$1,000. Warning... once you have shot an AR, you will be immediately hooked. If I could only own one firearm in my lifetime, I would absolutely prefer an AR15. If you need guidance or help in this endeavor, please contact me, and I will do my best to be of assistance. I have a son-in-law who is a gun dealer, and can save you some money on components.

  8. Regularly go shooting to help keep and improve on your skills. Always strictly abide by the 4 basic gun safety rules, and help ensure that you do no harm to the land or property in the process. Leave it better than you found it.

  9. Always vote in every Primary and General election. Many brave soldiers have fought and died to help you and I retain this right, and to help other oppressed peoples around the world gain this ability. Don't diminish the importance of this great right by your non-participation. Always make it a priority. Be involved in your local political process, and learn about the candidates. Also, be sure to write or call your elected representative when you hear about them or others trampling on the Bill of Rights by trying to impose more governmental restrictions that infringe on those rights.

  10. Pause a moment from your busy routine and consider the many significant sacrifices made by the men and women in our armed forces, and their families. Remember to thank God for their sacrifices to provide us with the many freedoms we enjoy daily. Freedom is not free. Consider supporting some of the many non-profit organizations that help veterans, such as: NavySealFoundation.org, WoundedWarriorProject.org, WarriorFoundation.com, and many others.

Mike Munnerlyn, Instructor
Utah Concealed Carry Permit, LLC
Salt Lake City, UT

I am currently retired from teaching. My son-in-law Rob Wilkinson, who used to teach with me, is now teaching on his own. Please call him at 801-671-6773.

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