Utah Concealed Weapons Permit (Utah CCW)

Key Utah CCW Concepts

Why do we carry a gun? To have the tool necessary to survive a violent attack (to make it to tomorrow)... read this short article.

What should be your prime objective at the onset of any conflict? Find any means necessary to De-escalate, diffuse, avoid, turn down the heat, talk your way out of, or escape the attack, if possible, rather than having to pull your gun.

What are the only 3 reasons the law in Utah allows you to pull your gun?

  1. Prevent death - you should always be willing to do this if you have no other alternative. Otherwise, don't carry a gun, because it will be used against you.
  2. Don't incur serious bodily injury to yourself or a third party. You should almost always be willing to pull your gun if necessary to accomplish this.
  3. To stop the commission of a forceable felony. You should almost always use your cell phone to call 9-1-1 to get the police there asap to help. (unless you can't live with yourself by not getting more involved.)

What are the magic words to tell a 9-1-1 dispatcher to get the cops there right now? "I have a gun." Never, ever lie to law enforcement or officers of the court.

Why did you shoot your attacker? "I've never been so afraid in all my life, I thought I was about to die." (I had no other choice.)

What does the law in Utah allow you to try to accomplish by pulling the trigger on a BG? "To stop the progression of unlawful force being used against you."

Where do you aim to try and accomplish this? Center of mass. Once the threat is stopped, you must stop firing. You are liable for every single round you send down range, & any damage/harm caused by your bullet(s), even if unintended, you are responsible/liable for.

What should you tell a 9-1-1 dispatcher if you were involved in a defensive shooting? Remember, every word you say will be recorded, & can & will be used against you in a court of law, (and may even be released to the media)!

  1. State your name.
  2. Give the exact address of your location.
  3. State that there has been a shooting (NOT that you just shot a BG).
  4. State the number of injured people.
  5. Request that an ambulance be sent immediately to help the injured.
  6. State what you are wearing, and that you are the "good guy".
  7. State that you are willing to sign a complaint against your attacker(s).
  8. Hang up the phone and don't answer it again.

Want more information about the whole 9-1-1 thing? Read this article.

What should you say to police officers who arrive to investigate?

  1. State that you would like to cooperate with them, but that your legal counsel has advised you to demand to have your attorney present prior to and throughout any questioning, and that you will be unwilling to answer any questions without your attorney present.
  2. Then, immediately invoke your right to remain silent, AND DO IT!

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