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Review of Kahr PM9 - Concealed Carry Pistol

1/1/11 by Rob Wilkinson, Utah Concealed Weapons Permit Instructor

In 2009, I began looking for a smaller pistol to be used for concealed carry. I had been carrying a Glock 26, which is a great gun, but it required me to dress to fit the gun. Particularly, I wanted a pistol that could be concealed in a pocket or easily on a hip that would allow me to conceal carry in my normal summer clothing.

After looking around at a bunch of .380s, I saw a few significant drawbacks to many of the then current offerings. Sights were simply non-existent on the smaller .380 pistols (this has now changed with the introduction of the Kahr P380 and Sig P238) and trigger pulls on many of them left much to be desired. During my search for a smaller carry pistol, I shot a relative's Kahr P9. I was impressed with the accuracy of the Kahr pistol and thought I should look at Kahr's smaller PM9 offering. The Kahr PM9 is not much bigger than many of the current .380 offerings, yet it packs the punch of the larger 9mm Luger round, which many consider to be a minimum for personal defense. What ultimately sold me on the Kahr PM9 was that it just fits great in my hand.

I searched all over town for this pistol, but could not find a single one in stock. So, I placed my order for a PM9094N (PM9 with the blackened stainless slide and night sights). Six weeks later the PM9 arrived.

After taking the pistol home, I read the manual and thoroughly cleaned the pistol. According to the manual, Kahr recommends a break-in period of 200 rounds. Many reviews of the P series Kahr pistols that I came across cited numerous malfunctions during the break-in period. I am happy to report that I did not have any malfunctions during the first 200 rounds or at anytime since.

During my first range session with the PM9, I was pleasantly surprised both the accuracy and relatively low recoil of this small 9mm. The Kahr shot right where I aimed at 15 yards. My first shot with the pistol was essentially dead center at 15 yards. I fired two more shots and was astonished when both rounds enlarged the hole from my first shot.

The trigger is very smooth on the PM9. The night sights offer a great sight picture and glow brightly in low and no light conditions. The black finish on the slide has also proved to be very wear resistant.

Since purchasing the PM9, I rarely carry my Glock 26. The PM9 is much easier to conceal and is more accurate in my hands. In my opinion, the only real drawbacks of the PM9 when compared to the G26 are cost and magazine capacity.

Based on my experience with the PM9, I would strongly recommend it to anyone with a concealed weapons permit, who needs a small carry gun and does not want to compromise on power or accuracy.

I am currently retired from teaching. My son-in-law Rob Wilkinson, who used to teach with me, is now teaching on his own. Please call him at 801-671-6773.

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