Utah Concealed Weapons Permit (Utah CCW)

Utah Concealed Carry - Common Misconceptions

Planning on carrying a gun 'only when you think you might need it' is to plan for potential failure. Just think about this a moment... If you really felt you might need a gun wherever you are going, you should not be going there at all! In fact, if you were going there, you should be carrying an AR-15, fully automatic machine gun, or shotgun, not a smaller concealable handgun. Carrying only once in a while, when you think you really might need it, is about like buying car insurance that only covers you on Saturday nights between 10:00 p.m. and 2:00 a.m., every other week. Concealed carry is another form of life insurance, only it is intended to be used prior to collecting on any policy. When you make the commitment to accept responsibility for your own safety, you need to be willing to carry as often as humanly possible.

Carrying a semi-automatic pistol with a full magazine but an empty chamber is not a valid approach to being 'more safe'. It reveals a lack of training, confidence, or insecurity. Remember your commitment to 'treat every firearm as if it were loaded', anyway. During an attack, you should not assume you will always have the time and ability to draw your pistol and then rack the slide before you need to fire it to stay alive. It also makes no sense to intentionally reduce your available round count. What really counts is split-second judgement, efficient movement and the speed and accuracy of shots on target to stop the progression of unlawful force being used against you. Also, you need to be just as vigilant in maintaining possession of and control of your weapon, whether or not it has a live round in the chamber.

Just because you may already own a pistol, it may not be the best choice to conceal. Smaller size means a higher probability you will carry it more often, and also means it will be more difficult to shoot well. If you only shoot your bigger, easier to shoot pistols, you are fooling yourself if you think that is somehow helping your concealed carry training program. You have to practice with the smaller concealable guns if you plan to use them to save lives. Just because you own a gun, or even carry it around, does not mean you will be prepared to use it to successfully 'make it to tomorrow'. Don't continue to rely on good fortune alone... commit to a range session on a regular basis to maintain your proficiency. Pilots are required to stay current... we should require ourselves to do so as well! Just owning a gun doesn't make you any more of an armed citizen than owning a football qualifies you to compete in the NFL.

Do not simply obtain a Utah Concealed Carry Permit, and stop your training there. To truly become effective and safe at concealed carry, you really need to complete all 10 Steps for Success as outlined in this brief article. You and your family's safety is worth the investment and time.

Mike Munnerlyn, Instructor
Utah Concealed Weapons Permit

I am currently retired from teaching. My son-in-law Rob Wilkinson, who used to teach with me, is now teaching on his own. Please call him at 801-671-6773.

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